Simple guide to living a more productive life


Do you ever wake up in the morning overwhelmed with all that needs to get done that day?  

You just want to pull those covers over your head and pretend that the long list of unopened emails aren’t waiting for you or ignore the fact that you have a ton of admin work to get through. Can I just say that I’ve been there.

If you’ve ever wondered how you could possibly have a more productive day, look no further. I’m going to share with you my simple guide to living a more productive life.

1. Do you have a  good morning routine? If not then I would suggest you try and create one. I like to start my day by getting up early ( but I do have 3 children so that's probably a given) But,  I will try most days to get up earlier than them and do a bit of exercise. I love trampolining so I’ll jump on my rebounder for 20 mins. I also make sure that I eat and that means eating a healthy breakfast. 

I also take some time just to quickly scan my inbox for any urgent tasks and emails from potential clients. And I say quickly because it's so easy to get distracted by social media.  You can also try writing first thing in the morning to warm up your brain. I write in my planner so I can map out my day. It really doesn't matter what you choose to do,  it’s just remembering to create good morning habits so that you can have a more productive day.

2. Do you sometimes struggle with knowing where to start? Perhaps you have a long list of tasks to complete but you don't know how to prioritise them.

Well, I would suggest that you begin to list everything you need to get accomplished, then prioritize these tasks based on importance and urgency. There are many apps that you can use that will enable you to prioritise your tasks on your to-do list.  I like to write out a list every morning just before I begin my day. Or sometimes I write it out the night before if I have a big project that I need to complete. It really does jump start my day.

It's a good idea to get the most urgent and important items done first. I find that by doing this you'll be able to be more productive and at the same time keep your stress levels down.

3. Do you find that you can get easily distracted?

Well, let me tell you that distractions kill productivity. It may be your thoughts or noise (children come to mind here ), social media (Facebook, Instagram....... ). These can be distractions that are a barrier to any productive day and it’s so easy to get sucked in. Consider in this case the environment that you work best in. You don't have to work in complete silence because some people, which includes me, like to work with a little background noise to keep me motivated. I find that it helps to keep me on track. But, if you can’t stand to hear even the ticking of a clock then find somewhere where there is silence or put your headphones on. Don’t be afraid to utilize technology to make the best of your time. There are apps out there that are designed to help you stay focused.  But you could also allocate times of the day or give yourself time limits to check your Facebook posts. We all need mini breaks.

 4. Do you take breaks throughout your day?

What's important here is how you take these breaks. Now I know that when you focus on something for a long time it can lead to mental fatigue. I’m sure we’ve all been there. I’m the type of person who likes to get things done and won’t stop until my task or tasks are completed. Now, as a result, I would actually feel physically ill at the end of the day. My head would be hurting and it would actually ruin the rest of my day.  So the technique that I use now is where I spend 30 mins on a task then take a 5-minute break. I do this about 4 times and then I take an even longer break. You can choose your own timings. Whatever works for you. But this really allows me to rest my mind. It enables me to reflect. I’m so much more productive this way and I can celebrate my achievements at the end of the day. Maybe with a glass of wine. And I would recommend that you do the same. Celebrate your wins. It really is a great motivator.

5. How do you manage your time?

Now we all have the same amount of hours in the day. How often do you say, "there are not enough hours in the day to get things done?" I know I have. But when you plan out your day you get to really see how you are using those 24hrs. By planning it out you might actually realise how much free time you have. Think about what you could do with that free-time.  So that you're managing your time more effectively I would also consider pairing mundane tasks with other tasks that lead to a more productive day. That way you can get a multitude of tasks completed within a particular time frame.

6. Have you considered having an accountability partner?

Some of you may be questioning what that is,  but basically if you tell someone what task or tasks you need to complete and by when, then you may be more likely to finish a goal. You basically decide who you want to tell,  but just ensure that you tell someone. I do this when I’m working on my business. In fact, I have more than one accountability partner.

So there you have it, my simple guide to living a more productive life and I know you can do it! So please do share with me what you’re going to start doing first to live that life you want to live. Sometimes it's just about taking baby steps.

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