Why to-do lists are the new black


Did you know that To-Do Lists can reduce the stress in your life and help you to get more done in less time?

And you'll find an ever-increasing number of to-do list apps that focus on helping you to achieve this. Knowing that they can enable you to save time for the best things in life, it’s without question therefore, that I would be one of the biggest fans of to-do lists - there is nothing more satisfying than ticking off all the things that you've got done.  But I am also aware that at times they can serve only to make you feel overwhelmed and feeling like there is just not enough hours in the day!

Now what works for me is the good old-fashioned paper-based to-do list, however, app-based to-do lists work equally well. It just depends on what system you prefer.  I've also become a fan of Asana - the project management tool that allows you to manage your to-do list from your desk/phone.  I find it great for keeping a record of the projects that I carry out for clients.

The big lessons for me with to do lists are:

  • Make the list and prioritise - does it really have to be done by then or can you cut yourself some slack?

  • Does it actually have to be done at all - don't sweat the small stuff and check in with yourself whether it actually has to be done.

  • Divide up your list in terms of what you need to do and what others can do for you. The key here is to delegate to family, friends, staff or of course to Diane Boothe Business Concierge - you don't have to do it all yourself!

  • Take satisfaction when you tick things off and complete tasks - it's a great feeling and makes you realise that you are winning, staying on top of things and churning through stuff.

  • Create your to-do list the night before so that you can hit the ground running the next day. I have the most energy in the morning so, having my list all prepared means I can start my day without wasting time trying to figure out what to do.

  • To-do lists shouldn't always be about work and chores. Make sure you add in a section which is all about the tasks that are centred around 'me-time'.

  • Make sure that your to-do's are actionable and specific. I personally like to break larger projects into more manageable tasks.

So, there you have it. These are my takeaways. But, how do you make a to-list work best for you?

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